As the City of Longmont continues to experience expansion,  I recognize the necessity for managing growth responsibly to protect the environment and our high quality of life while sustaining economic health.  My extensive business management and governmental experience serves me as the best qualified candidate to foster fresh ideas and alternative, creative solutions for balancing the myriad, competing interests.  We can and will work together to attain realistic goals for the benefit of all of Longmont's citizens.

Economic Development

What attracts new business initiatives to Longmont are our City's exisiting features of affordability, state of the art infrastructure, an educated workforce and healthy quality of life, rare and increasingly sought after commodities in the modern economy.  I was part of the shared vision to create Advance Longmont and continue to support this implementation

Advance Longmon is
a collaborative effort to execute a new, targeted economic strategic plan. This strategy assists Longmont in recruiting and retaining quality and profitable businesses, broader entrepreneurial opportunities and to work smarter through collaboration to optimize the organizational efforts of local economic development activities. 


Downtown Development

This year the Board of Longmont Downtown Development Authority in partnership with City of Lonmont unanimously approved an updated Master Plan.  As Chair of the Board, I helped coalesce the effort to architect a viable future for Downtown as a thriving business and entertainment destination.  I support all the goals outlined in this newly adopted Master Plan.

Critical to the City's future health and growth are the following:

* adequate water supply,
* access to affordable green energy
* well maintained roadways,
* improved public transportation,
* an efficient telecommunication network accessible to everyone
* reducton of carbon footprint to support a healthy living environment
* Affordable Housing

As the community has grown expoentially, we also must expand the police force and fire department to insure the contintued safety of all.

As your elected representative, I promise to uphold the State Constitution and the CIty Charter as I work to achieve these goals on your behalf.  
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